Having a Tough Time Finding True Love? Here are Some Things You Can Do and Some Predictions for the Year of the Wood Horse


This article first appeared in 2014 on SpreadItFast.com.

The Year of the Wood Horse officially kicked in last January 31. And a day later, the world welcomed February, the month of love. For many, it’s the most romantic time of the year; but for others, especially those who have yet to find their true love, Valentine’s Day is just another typical day.

But it’s not yet too late to start the search, especially since the Year of the Horse has several tips and surprises to offer.

Tips for Attracting Commitment and True Love in the Year of the Horse

Here are some Feng Shui tips that can help light up your Valentine – and the rest of your 2014:

  • The Full Moon, Some Light and Bubbles

This is one of the Feng Shui practices guaranteed to help you find love. Using a red glass or ceramic bowl, put together a good amount of stones – amethyst, glass beads, quartz or citrine. Choose the ones that are colored red, purple, white or yellow.

Add three candles – pink or red – into the bowl. When the full moon comes, light all the candles. This ritual is said to call on to love, so that it comes to you soon. The lights represent the intensity of the love you will soon have.

If you want a simpler version, simply wait for the full moon to come – on any month this year – and blow bubbles under the moon while wishing for your true love.

  • Feng Shui for the Singles

If you are a single woman living alone, make sure that your house is not overly girly or filled with cute pink stuff. Put in something that will attract men (a yang energy such as a basketball poster, miniature car or a cowboy lighter) into your home and, ultimately, into your life.

The same thing goes for single men who live alone. Add some feminine energy into your home. Little touches of the women in your family, for example. A vase of flowers or some cheerful painting maybe? Stay away from too many monotones. You’ll want the positive energy of a woman in your home.

Be sure there’s enough light in your house. This does not need to be a physical light per se. Photos or framed pictures of the sun can help create this effect.

  • Heart-Shaped Crystals

Look for a heart-shaped crystal and wrap this inside a red cloth. Some people even prefer to be more specific by buying pink heart-shaped crystals as they are said to attract love. Make sure that you place your crystal in red cloth in the southwest part of your room.

Love In the Year of the Wood Horse

Here are some predictions, more like advice, for those born under the Horse zodiac sign.

If you were born in the Year of the Horse, you should not jump into relationships too quickly this 2014. If you do so, you might suffer heartbreak as your feelings may not be reciprocated. This is true even if you get involved with someone compatible with you. The Year of the Wood Horse should be a year of caution for you.

Moreover, spending too much for a loved one should be avoided. Overspending can present problems for a relationship. It is important to remember that love and happiness cannot be bought – especially true love.

The general advice for those looking for love in 2014 is that they should take precaution. Exercise caution and don’t get too excited with the prospect of finally finding your true love. Use the tips given above to find your potential partner, but don’t jump to conclusions immediately.

Keep these tips and advices in mind when following what your heart says. There is someone there for you. So don’t give up; you still have time to find that perfect Valentine.


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