How to Take Your Blog Marketing to the Next Level


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Search Engine Optimization or SEO techniques have always stressed on the importance of good content when marketing blogs. “Content is King” has always been an SEO mantra, so majority of bloggers do their best to come up with good content strategies. However, in today’s fast paced and advanced world, getting your blog noticed and valued by the audience entails many other things.

In order to elevate your blog to a different level of marketing success, you will need to complement efficient content strategies with several new techniques or, more specifically, tools and apps.

Using Buffer and HootSuite

Due to its immense popularity and its flexible platforms, social media has become an important tool for advertising and marketing. You see a lot of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for products, services and companies. If you want to significantly increase your blog’s online marketing potentials, you should incorporate social media into your strategy.

Buffer and HootSuite are social media management tools that will help you effectively manage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and other social networks.

If you want to make sure that a lot of people will see your tweets on Twitter, use Buffer to automatically schedule and post content several times in a day. This tool has an easy-to-use dashboard that’ll make posting articles, photos and videos not only simple, but also fun and effective. All that you have to do is post your content to Buffer and it will automatically send the post to your social media accounts – and it will keep doing this throughout the day. You can post your content on multiple social media accounts, which means your blog will be seen by a wider audience.

HootSuite, on the other hand, is a freemuim tool that allows you to do several things aside from posting on different social media accounts. You can schedule your tweets and messages and track all mentions of your brand or product. HootSuite also allows you to post replies.

Most importantly, HootSuite follows and analyzes social media traffic. You’ll get real-time insights that help you better understand data. This is important for marketing, and for your business in general, because it gives you an idea of your social audience and what influences them the most.

Boost Search Engine Rankings

A boost in your blog’s search engine ranking is equivalent to effective marketing. Even if your page is already up there in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), you don’t stop there. You will want your page to take the top spot in Google Search. In other words, you need to constantly work on your site’s visibility on SERPs. This is why you need to know how to properly use title tags and meta tags.

A title tag is a web page label that’s 70 characters long. As its name suggests, it acts like the “title” or bookmark of your page as it is found in the head or top part of a document; thus, it is one of the first things people see when they open your page.

Meta tags, on the other hand, provide more information about your page. It’s a longer version of the title tag (normally 150-155 characters). It is also more descriptive and includes keywords in the description. Meta tags help users find out if the page is what they are looking for.

Both title tags and meta tags are displayed in search results.

Other Techniques and Tools

The use of images will also boost your blog’s marketing effectiveness. Readers get easily attracted to images (including graphs and charts) because they are colorful and interesting. Infographics, a new concept in presenting ideas in pictures, will also prove to be helpful.

There are more techniques and tools you can use to boost your blog marketing and bring it to a different level, but starting out with these basic ones will already help you go a long way. Take it one step at a time and you’ll soon reach your (or your blog’s) desired destination.


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