What does it take to be become a great Citrix SME?


Citrix Subject Matter Experts get to work on a variety of Citrix projects.  They also get to consult on similar projects in other companies coming from different industries.  They oversee successful implementations of Citrix technologies using the best practices, tools and methodologies.  And they help businesses to have a complex, large-scale and mission critical deployment.

How do you become a great Citrix Subject Matter Expert?  There are four steps:

  1. Earn your chops.  Citrix Subject Matter Experts certainly did their time with Citrix – a lot of time.  They’ve worked with Citrix technologies for years, working on different projects and learning the ropes with some of the best Citrix professionals.  Years of working with Citrix’s range of bring your own device (BYOD), business continuity, desktop management, telework, mobile data security, remote access, security, compliance, and software defined networking technologies can help equip you with the knowledge of software that you are working with and what it could do exactly. Experience is the main key here.
  2. Get certified.  No matter what technology you are working with, be it virtualization, networking, enterprise mobility, database, or cloud infrastructure, it helps to get certified.  Certification is not only for the bragging rights and to prove that you know the technologies that you say you do, but also as a way to update your skills, as well as knowing that you have covered all the important technologies there are. Citrix certifications cost some amount of money but consider it as an investment for your career’s future.
  3. Do more with your certification. Now that you’ve already had your Citrix certification, you must do something more with it. The best thing with being certified with Citrix is that you can become a Citrix Subject Matter Expert.  You can become an active contributor to the company’s various certification exams and be able to network with other Citrix Subject Matter Experts.  That means that you get to learn from other experts, and you get to help them with their projects.
  4. Go beyond the technology.  What makes a good Citrix Subject Matter Expert great is the ability to go beyond just the technology. For example, you would need to consider what the organization, the business, the end users, the employees, and other stakeholders need and want.  You must first define the problem and the needs, and then assess the current environment to see what infrastructure exists right now.  Then knowing what is required and what the business currently have, design a tailor made Citrix solution that fits those needs and available resources.

All of these happen before you actually deploy the Citrix environment for the business.  You deploy, configure, test, and then improve on it.  Next, optimize the new Citrix solution for the best performance and allow end users to have the best experience with it before you hand it over to the client.

As you can see, you must go well beyond just being skilled with Citrix and consider the clients’ unique needs and resources.

Photo courtesy of Tojosan.


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