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Technology Articles:

  1. Make Money With the Internet of Things

  2. 9 Things Your Connected Car Will Be Able to Do that You May Find Surprising

  3. Datacenters Facing Multiple Challenges

  4. The Cars of the Future: Should They Be Electric, Gas or Hybrid-Powered?

  5. On-Board Diagnostics: The future of vehicle analysis

  6. Take a Closer Look at Wearable Tech

  7. Should We Fear the Rise of Computer-Powered Vehicles?

  8. Will In-Car Infotainment Affect the Growth of the Automotive Industry?

  9. The Top 7 In-Car Infotainment Systems Available Today

  10. Make Money With the Internet of Things (from EBN Online)

  11. 7 Weird Applications for the Internet of Things

  12. Get to Know More About Fleet Management Software as a Service (SaaS)

  13. In-car infotainment, a boon or bane? Will it make cars better?

  14. We Examine Telematics 100 Years From Now

  15. Online Web Vulnerability Scanners Vs. Locally Installed Web Vulnerability Scanners

  16. Connected Cars See Synergy in Telematics, Infotainment & IoT

  17. Internet of Things Gives Biometrics a Boost

  18. Google Moving Into the Internet of Things

  19. 5 Ways Businesses Can Leverage the Internet of Things

  20. Wearable Technology: An Overview

  21. Look Closer at the Android – IoT Relationship

  22. Using the IoT to Track Your Things

  23. Connecting Homes Brings Benefit & Risk

  24. 5 Top Wearable Tech Startup Companies

  25. Internet of Things Entering Peak of Inflated Expectations

  26. Wearable Tech Evolving Toward the Internet of Things

  27. Find the Right Cloud for Your Internet of Things Project

  28. Review : Sony Core

  29. Review : Nike+ Fuelband SE

  30. Review : LG Lifeband Touch

  31. MetaWatch Meta: A definite eye-candy designed by Nuovo

  32. Moverio BT-200: Not your ordinary smart glass

  33. Razer Nabu: It makes sense why it won the CES 2014 People’s Choice Award

  34. Sensoria Fitness Socks: A unique wearable with some unique features

  35. Review : Fitbit Force

  36. Review : Pebble SmartWatch

  37. Review : Jawbone UP24

  38. Content, posts and ideas I contributed to (since November 2013)

  39. Content, posts and ideas I contributed to (since April 2013)

  40. Top Three Ways to Make Your Home Server Power Efficient

  41. How Does A Hacker Hack Into A Website (and How Website Owners Can Protect Themselves)

  42. The Top 3 Free Alternatives to cPanel

  43. Amahi For Ubuntu: The Ultimate Home Server?

  44. Ways to Profit From Your LinkedIn Account

  45. Hack Wi-Fi (How Does It Work and How Users Can Protect Themselves)

  46. How to Migrate From WordPress to Tumblr

  47. Mobile Technology: How It’s Shaping the Future of the Healthcare Industry

  48. The Top 3 Video Streaming Websites: Top Alternatives to Cable TV

  49. Top 3 Alternative Internet Radio Stations

  50. How to Fix a Corrupted WordPress Database

  51. Understanding SSL Certificate Authorities

  52. Legal Hurdles Complicate Driver Assistance Systems

  53. Machine Vision Empowering Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

  54. IoT Tale of 2 Smart Cities

  55. Estimating IoT Traffic Volume and Cost

  56. Internet of Things Is Transforming Retail

  57. New Databases Needed for IoT to Grow

  58. Industrial IoT Creating Brilliant Machines

  59. The Internet of Things Needs Humans

  60. Internet of Things: What About Data Storage?

  61. Get to Know More About the AllSeen Alliance

  62. IoT a New Driver of Customer Relationship Management

  63. Move Over, IoT, Here Comes The Internet of You

  64. IoT Leading to Intelligent Transportation

  65. IoT Expanding Mechatronics Capabilities

  66. IoT Improves Enterprise Productivity

  67. IoT Making a Game of Life

  68. Market Opportunities for IoT App Developers

  69. 3 Tips for IoT App Development

  70. The Internet of Things Meets the Internet of Cars

  71. IoT and ADAS Lowering Automobile Insurance

  72. Internet of Things Bridges ADAS and Telematics

  73. Local Governments Embrace Cloud: 5 Benefits

  74. Accenture Wins $53 Million Army ERP Contract


Fashion, Health, Lifestyle, Social Media and General Articles:

  1. 5 creative ways to use social media

  2. Insurance Telematics: The Numbers (international edition)

  3. The best of the best dresses in the 2014 Paris Fashion Week

  4. Recently Divorced? New and Effective Ways to Approach Women

  5. Optimizing Your Business for Local Internet Search

  6. Having a tough time finding true love? Here are some things you can do and some predictions for the year of the wood horse.

  7. The 5Ls That Stop You from Starting a Professional Coaching Business

  8. Preparing for the Honeymoon: Honeymoon Fashion

  9. TipsBoots: How High Or Low Should You Go?

  10. Naked Storytelling…With Your Clothes On

  11. “Monet’s Garden” Opens at the National Gallery of Victoria

  12. How to Take Your Blog Marketing to the Next Level


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  1. Sample landing page, sales page for a “Hire-a-Driver” website