Naked Storytelling…With Your Clothes On

storytelling children

Most of us are not comfortable with sharing something personal, or
something close to the heart. This is especially true when we are
telling stories to a complete stranger.

I realize that we all do not want to be seen as vulnerable. People do
not like telling others something that may be seen as a weakness, a
failure, or worse, something that may be used against them at some
later time.

But, here’s the thing: if you really want to connect with your
readers, you must be honest with yourself and with them. The truth,
they say, will set you free. I tell you now that there is really
nothing wrong in going out there and telling people that you have
failed, that you are not perfect.

Failing and loving are what makes us human and telling people honestly
about it is what makes our stories even better than superficial
well-crafted ones.  We should not be afraid to be naked — to be fully
vulnerable — with our stories, because that is what makes it even
more credible.

However, nobody loves a pointless sob story, so do not end with just
telling people about your failures and weaknesses. Show them that you
have learned something from it and how it has changed you. Only with
this kind of insight will you be able to make a good story even

Photo courtesy of kodomut.


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