Hot Hollywood Celebrity Stocking Trends

Hollywood actress and musician Taylor Momsen wearing a thigh-high stockings.

Hollywood actress and musician Taylor Momsen wearing a thigh-high stockings.

We’ve seen all kinds of fashion trend in Hollywood over the years – from fabulous and gorgeous to outrageous and weird.

What about the stars’ craze on stockings? Is it just a fashion trend, or is it inspired by the celebrity’s desire to feel sexier and be adored?

Photos of astonishing Hollywood stars wearing provocative body stockings are all over the printed and digital media. To say that stockings are just a piece of seductive clothing is an understatement.

Sky-high legwear

To many celebrities, dressing modestly is a boring style. Whipping up their fashion with what’s hot must be achieved, especially when they are in the spotlight.

A few Hollywood stars have been spotted wearing a very simple denim shorts, mini skirt or dress. But the moment they adorn their legs with the right pair of stockings, they spice up their style and get a higher fashion rating. There are times when pantyhose can be a girl’s best friend. Not only does this stocking make someone look sexier, it also adds a touch of mystery.

Leg stockings come in different designs and materials. From standard sheer and plain style to polka-dotted, patterned, striped to even knitted. Some stockings come in flashy fishnet or floral design, or with little hearts for a more striking effect.

The sexy new trends

It used to be just leg stockings – from knee-length, thigh-high to pantyhose. And stockings used to belong only to the underwear category. This fashion piece has evolved to segmented body stockings, which now includes stockings for the arms as well. Shoulder-length gloves are now a familiar part of Hollywood celebrities’ getups too.

Then come the sophisticated body stockings. Imagine stars wearing a sultry pantyhose all over their body!

Many trendsetter Hollywood celebrities have been spotted flaunting this fashion style. Some of them are more adventurous, wearing stockings with bold style and exaggerated pattern to add interest to their attire.

These body shapers are now a part of many celebrities’ wardrobes. Many stars are wearing it because stockings help smooth out the unsightly flab and bumps. With the slimming effect of the stockings, celebrities project an even more flattering look with their slimmer tummy, hips and thighs. The stockings help shape and lift the bottoms too. This attractive getup makes many heads turn, males and females alike.

Why do celebrities love stockings?

They look cool, they’re made from soft and delicate materials, and they are very comfortable to wear. The high-quality texture makes many celebrities wear the stockings for any occasion, from a daytime function to an evening gala.

More than just a flashy appearance, celebrities also achieve a polished and elegant look with several designs and different texture to choose from. From flesh tone to grey and dark, there are different shades to meet their different fashion tastes.

If you want to enhance your figure by wearing a slimming outfit or want to amp up your dressing style, why not embrace a new fashion statement? Give this clever piece of wardrobe a try and feel like a Hollywood star.

Photo courtesy of Krummer6.


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