Develop and design your Citrix system the right way using a certified Citrix architect

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Citrix has the software to help you take advantage of the latest business technologies and trends. Bring your own device, business continuity, desktop management, telework, flexwork, virtualization, mobile security, software defined networking, remote access, security and compliance are no longer just buzzwords but are essential part of how the world’s most competitive businesses are run. And Citrix allows you to make use of these technologies.

The Citrix architect would be there to make sure that everything runs well.

A Citrix architect would develop and design the architecture where your Citrix products are going to be. They help ensure that the architecture and the network meet your user, business and technical requirements. This provides a roadmap before you build and test your Citrix solutions.

Building a private cloud infrastructure

For instance, let us take a look at building a private cloud infrastructure. If you want to deliver the right private cloud for the business, you should have a solid and sound architectural foundation. You should know the important concepts related to building private clouds and the design implications of various workload types, as well as the require availability for each workload. You also need to know the components and parts of the cloud orchestration system you are going to use. On top of these, you would need to come up with the best practices of being able to run multiple workloads on a single platform.

So, it is not just knowing how to implement a Citrix software or a range of Citrix solutions, such as XenApp, XenDesktop, VDI in a box, XenServer, NetScaler App Delivery Controller and other software, but you also have to have expertise in designing private cloud infrastructure.

Other than these, you would also need to know what the business needs, as well as what the users require. Then you would have to design your Citrix systems to ensure that these needs are met.

Becoming a Citrix architect

Citrix has a certification path that would help you equip yourself with all the training and knowledge you need in order to be an expert Citrix architect. For its virtualization technologies, for instance, you can be a Citrix Certified Expert – Virtualization. This certification would prove that you can architect, design and assess Citrix virtualization systems. To get this certification, you would need to pass the Designing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Exam and have a Citrix Certified Professional – Virtualization, which certifies that you can build, deploy, optimize and scale virtualization systems running on Citrix. In turn, you would need to be a Citrix Certified Associate and pass the Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Exam to be a CCP-V.

Being a Citrix Certified Associate guarantees that you can manage, maintain, monitor and troubleshoot Citrix XenDesktop solutions, and to become one, you would need to pass the Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Exam.

Being a Citrix architect, therefore, is the highest level of certification for Citrix. At this level, you have all the skills necessary to help you manage and maintain, build and deploy, design and assess XenDesktop 7 Solutions.

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