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Social Media Marketing Consultant

  I’ve been a social media marketing consultant since November 2013. I can post interesting, informative and intriguing (this is what I call the “Triple I“) updates to your social media accounts. I can also engage to your target audience by commenting to related posts and answering questions in Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter (through hashtags). […]

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The 5Ls That Stop You from Starting a Professional Coaching Business

  You have been coaching for years. You’ve already built a strong and respectable reputation in the industry. And you have long wanted to set up your own professional coaching business. The problem, however, is that you’re not sure if your business will succeed. What makes you think so? If you do not know the […]

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“Monet’s Garden” Opens at the National Gallery of Victoria

Claude Monet made a lot of money when he started to paint haystacks and the facade of the Rouen Cathedral in the 1890s.  He used the proceeds of his works on his garden in Giverny in France, which became a lifelong obsession for the artist until his death in the mid-1920s.  As a painter, Monet […]

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Naked Storytelling…With Your Clothes On

Most of us are not comfortable with sharing something personal, or something close to the heart. This is especially true when we are telling stories to a complete stranger. I realize that we all do not want to be seen as vulnerable. People do not like telling others something that may be seen as a […]

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