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Hi, I’m Sherly Mendoza. I’m 27 years old and newly married. Im also a new mom to a cute boy, born in August 2013.

I’m a banker by profession since 2005, but I’ve been into blogging and writing since 2012. I’m a woman fascinated with all things related to technology, gadgets, the Internet, fashion, health and lifestyle. Because of my experience working in the banking sector, I was exposed to a lot of things in the financial industry. Things I believed I can use when writing articles, blog posts and content related to money management, finances, stocks, investments, economics and the likes. You can view some of my financial certifications here.

I read and follow several tech and fashion blogs and websites. Some of them include Gizmodo, Engadget, Marie Claire and Pete Cashmore of Mashable. I’m a Mac and PC user.

I can produce quality articles and blog posts at an affordable cost. I’m proficient with WordPress, Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) and the Internet. I have an active EzineArticles.com account with more than 10 published articles. All my written articles go through my personal editor and Copyscape.

I’m a Premium Level Expert Author at Ezine. You can read some of my Ezine articles here.

I’m also a contributor to InformationWeek.com, “the world’s most trusted online community for business technology professionals”. You can read my articles and contributions here.

I’m a content moderator for NetworkComputing.com. You can view my portfolio and profile here.

I’m also a social media marketing consultant.

Currently, I’m teaching myself on how to use the cPanel for website management. I’m also reviewing other areas of SEO, social media and online marketing.

I’m available for freelance writing and blogging work. You can also hire me as a social media consultant. You can view my social media marketing portfolio here.