5 Creative Ways to Use Social Media

This article first appeared in 2014 on SpreadItFast.com.

Everybody knows what “powers” social media possesses. Its functions and features allow us not just to connect and reconnect with our friends and family, but also to reach out to our target audiences and introduce ideas to them. It is an all-around tool that helps many bloggers turn goals into reality and ultimately, stay in the same level with the big players in the blogosphere.

But getting into Facebook or Instagram is not enough. You need to know what to do so you don’t get stuck at the starting point. You need to know how to keep things interesting so that your followers and readers won’t get bored. You need to present something fresh and interesting.

As a blogger, here are five solid and creative ideas that will help you get the most out of your social media activities.

Five Ways to Unleash Your Creativity


Interacting with your followers and regular readers on social media is another innovative idea. Come up with custom-made posts (text and photos) that send special messages to them. You need to celebrate every milestone or achievement with your followers. Treat them as members of your blog’s family. So, if your blog was nominated for an award, post a note or some photos and thank your readers for their support; for allowing it to happen. It can be just a simple note or a series of photos with a thank you message. A good example would be a poster photo of the nomination accompanied with a note of gratitude that goes something like “I’ve been nominated to the prestigious XYZ Blogger of the Year award! Your loyalty and support has allowed us to celebrate another milestone. Thank you!”


Hashtags are the “in thing” nowadays. They help people find content or posts that interest them. Hashtags are the easiest and most effective way of categorizing posts. Therefore, to allow more people to see your posts, use hashtags in your artwork. If you’re promoting a new content, post a photo or an artwork, or any shareable image, and then use your blog’s name as a hashtag. You can also use the idea or thought you want to convey. Or you can choose to use both. So, for example, you’re promoting a new content in your blog that’s all about paella; post a photo of the dish and then hashtag it with the name of the food and the “thought” (ex. #blackpaella and #eatsatreat). You can do this on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even on Google +.


Use social media to find and post shareable content that your readers will find useful and interesting. Quality content is easier to find if you use Twitter lists. Twitter’s millions of users never fail to post good articles and write-ups. And these get re-tweeted many times over. Post whatever quality content you find on your social media accounts.


Use Pinterest to search for what’s popular, especially when it comes to women readers. Pinterest is a fun way of finding out what’s new and what’s trending. Explore boards and find out what the most popular food or restaurant-related posts are, so you’ll get an idea of what your blog should be doing or offering. Likewise, you can share images you find on Pinterest boards that you think are related to your blog’s goals.


Finally, make use of Instagram’s video features. Make 15-second videos about your blog’s content or post. For instance, you can show your readers what it’s like behind the kitchen doors. You can also create a 15-second video that features your newest offerings. And then embed these videos into your website. All that you need to do is click some buttons and the video is placed into your site or blog post.


Sharing images is the best way to catch your readers’ fancy because of their compelling nature. They can easily attract, especially if they give off a strong message. Try to do this everyday and you’re guaranteed to expand your blog’s reach!


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